Brands That Are in Support of Causes


Fast fashion has dominated the market for a long time. However, as people are becoming aware of the unethical means these brands employ to give you the affordable shirts you love, the focus has shifted towards socially conscious brands. Let’s take a look at brands that give back as much as it gets.

1. H&M

H&M, which used to strictly dabble in high street fashion, is an unexpected but welcome friend to the world of sustainable fashion. Their conscious collection is made with garments that use organic material, yet their clothes remain affordable.

2. Amour Vert

Amour Vert, this chic brand that’s focused on contemporary women’s fashion, maintain eco-friendliness in every step of the brand, from the fabric to the packaging. They’re also partners of American Forests in this venture where they plant a tree for every tee brought.


FEED, a brand established in 2007, has made a name for itself for its pretty bag collection. However, what sets them apart is the idea the brand was founded in- to wage war against world hunger. If one buys one bag from the brand, they’re contributing towards providing 370 school meals for Kenyan children.

4. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is unique in the sense that all their collections, from the bra to the leggings, are made of recycled material. Their bright color legging is made out of 25 recycled water bottles.

5. Sevenly

The apparel brand Sevenly doesn’t limit themselves to bringing awareness for a single cause. Instead, every week is dedicated to a separate cause they donate to. The homepage live counter allows customers to check how much has been raised.

Final Thoughts

A lot of fast fashion is made on someone’s blood, sweat, and tears. If it doesn’t sit right with your conscience, check that the brand isn’t exploiting their workers before you buy from them.


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