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Online Fashion Brands That Now Have Physical Stores

The internet has given a solid platform to many brands. Some have been lucky enough to turn their online presence to physical ones, even opening multiple stores at a time. Let’s take a look at some of these success stories. 

1. Everlane Rent the runaway

Similar to its online version, the physical stores follow a minimalistic style, with white walls and shelves, and items with minimum distance between each other to keep the clean atmosphere of the place. 

Whether you want a puffer jacket or a skirt, you can buy all of it without feeling too overwhelmed by the range of products. They also allow you to return products you have purchased directly from the store. You can even earn credits by shopping on their website which can be redeemed offline too. 

2. Cotopaxi

This outdoor gear clothing company’s new hub is in Salt Lake City. Cotopaxi is a great brand not only for the variety in designs but also for the good sense of donating 2 percent of their revenue to organizations that fight against poverty. 

3. Cuyana

Cuyana’s physical stores in NYC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have the same intimate experience as the online store. You have the opportunity to monogram the wallet or purse you buy from the store, making for a great birthday gift. 

4. The Tie Bar

Finding ties that don’t fall into the usual red, white, and black category isn’t easy. You can make an appointment beforehand so they have the best of their colorful customized assortments prepared for you to choose from. 

5. Rent the runaway

The NYC flagship of Rent The Runway has every kind of designer clothes you can think of. All you need to do is make an appointment with the store. 

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s easy to see why they were able to expand easily. 

Fashion Brands Closing Their Stores in 2020

The pandemic has forced the hands of many people, including the fashion industry. As people give up shopping from retail stores or even ordering products online, some brands had to file for bankruptcy while others had to permanently close their store for the far future. Let’s take a look at some of these brands that had to close their stores for the pandemic.


Except for their Chinese stores, Esprit closed all their Asian stores in places such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore by the end of June. This totaled to 56 stores closing. The stores have been operating poorly for a year and the pandemic cemented its end.

Cath Kidston

The fashion and homeware brand Cath Kidston had to shut down 60 of its stores in the UK, leading to the loss of jobs of over 900 people at the very least. The brand promised its Asian stores will work as usual, but the Japan branch filed for bankruptcy with a debt of 6.5 billion yen not long after. They’re planning to turn into an online brand for the time being.

Sies Marjan

The blow from the pandemic led the luxury brand Sies Marjan to close for good, after spending a beautiful 4 years in the business. The founder expressed their run as a dream turned into reality.

Oasis and Warehouse

Oasis and Warehouse had to close all their stores permanently, resulting in the loss of jobs of over 1800 people. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Boohoo brought their online business and will be making them a part of their platform.


Matter, which is a sustainable fashion brand based in Singapore.